Final project. Play that I've written and directed composed by 6 separate short stories in which the characters are trapped in their particular worlds and realities. (Sala Siconi, Barcelona 2021. Photo: Sergi Panizo)

Verkami for a Child

3th play of my own that I put on stage. Opening at the Barcelona's Píndoles Festival (Montjuïc's Fortress, 2020. Photo: Sergi Panizo)

My Heart Will Go On

Play written & directed by Rosa Molina. The opening was held during the Píndoles Festival with the Pomodoro Co. (Barcelona, Montjuïc Fortress, 2019)


Work in progress of Untouchables, at the 20' Opened Scene at Laboratori Tísner - Cotxeres Borrell (Barcelona, 2018). Second play in which I used my writings. (on production)

Tattoos & Body Tranformation

Play created in residency in the Civic Centre Guinardó (Barcelona) alongside with Edgar Buenache, from the poems ans short stories of Neus Marmol (2018). In it I've played the role of Lena, a girl that while conducting an interview starts questioning her identinty. She'll go on a journey to discover a way of living that fullfills her.  - Photo: Kristal Piatti.

The Bathroom Hair

Short play monologue. First of my writtings that I brought to the stage, in collaboration with Raquel Bargalló and Jaume Piguillem (2017)

Beauty Queen of Leenane 

Scene from Martin McDonagh's play, for the Nancy Tuñón's drama studio. (Barcelona, 2016) - Photo: Marina Castells

Tot és Negre (Everything's Black)

Several roles in the thriller written & directed by Joan Ramón Gironès. La Farinera del Clot (Barcelona, 2016)

Si no t'obren la porta  (If they don't hold the door for you)

Short play written by Marta Gastón. Directed by Mònica Milà. Minitea3 (Barcelona, 2014)